The plugin will collect UPS data for all UPSes configured in the system.

The following charts will be created:

  1. UPS Charge
  • percentage changed
  1. UPS Battery Voltage
  • current voltage
  • high voltage
  • low voltage
  • nominal voltage
  1. UPS Input Voltage
  • current voltage
  • fault voltage
  • nominal voltage
  1. UPS Input Current
  • nominal current
  1. UPS Input Frequency
  • current frequency
  • nominal frequency
  1. UPS Output Voltage
  • current voltage
  1. UPS Load
  • current load
  1. UPS Temperature
  • current temperature


This is the internal default for /etc/netdata/nut.conf

# a space separated list of UPS names
# if empty, the list returned by 'upsc -l' will be used

# how frequently to collect UPS data