This module will monitor one or more Bind(named) servers depending on configuration.

Requirements: * bind version 9.9+ with configured statistics-channels

It produces the following charts:

  1. Received Requests by IP version (IPv4, IPv6)
  2. Successful Queries
  3. Recursive Clients
  4. Queries by IP Protocol (TCP, UDP)
  5. Queries Analysis
  6. Received Updates
  7. Query Failures
  8. Query Failures Analysis
  9. Server Statistics
  10. Incoming Requests by OpCode
  11. Incoming Requests by Query Type

Per View Statistics (the following set will be added for each bind view): 1. Resolver Active Queries 2. Resolver Statistics 3. Resolver Round Trip Timings 4. Resolver Requests by Query Type 4. Resolver Cache Hits


For all available options please see module configuration file.

Needs only url.

Here is an example for 2 servers:

  - name: local

  - name: local

Without configuration, module will use

Views: by default module doesn’t collect views statistics.

To enable it please configure permit_view:

  - name: local
    permit_view: '!_* *'

Syntax: simple patterns.

bind configuration

For detail information on how to get your bind installation ready, please refer to the bind statistics channel developer comments and to bind documentation or bind Knowledge Base article AA-01123.

Normally, you will need something like this in your named.conf.options:

statistics-channels {
        inet port 8653 allow {; };
        inet ::1 port 8653 allow { ::1; };

(use the IPv4 or IPv6 line depending on what you are using, you can also use both)

Verify it works by running the following command:

curl "http://localhost:8653/json/v1/server"