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This module provides DNS query time in milliseconds.

It produces one chart:

  1. Query Time in milliseconds
    * server1
    * server2


Module specific options:
* domains - list of domains.
* servers - list of servers.
* port - server port. Default is 53.
* network - network transport. Default is upd. Supported options: udp, tcp, tcp-tls.
* record_type - query record type. Default is A. Supported options: A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, NS, PTR, TXT, SOA, SPF, TXT, SRV.
* timeout - query read timeout. Default is 2 seconds.

Mandatory options: domains and servers. All other are optional.

Here is an example:

  - name: job1
    domains :

Without configuration, module won’t work.