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This module will monitor one or more logstash servers depending on configuration.

Servers can be either local or remote.

It produces following charts:

  1. JVM Threads in count * threads

  2. JVM Heap Memory Percentage in percent * in use

  3. JVM Heap Memory in KiB * used * committed

  4. JVM Pool Survivor Memory in KiB * used * committed

  5. JVM Pool Old Memory in KiB * used * committed

  6. JVM Pool Eden Memory in KiB * used * committed

  7. Garbage Collection Count in counts/s * eden * old

  8. Time Spent On Garbage Collection in ms * eden * old

  9. Uptime in time * uptime


Detailed logstash configuration with all available parameters can be found in ‘go.d/logstash.conf’

Here is a simple example for local and remote server:

  - name: local
    url : http://localhost:9600

  - name: remote
    url :