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This module monitors Elasticsearch performance and health metrics.

It produces:

  1. Search performance charts: * Number of queries, fetches * Time spent on queries, fetches * Query and fetch latency

  2. Indexing performance charts: * Number of documents indexed, index refreshes, flushes * Time spent on indexing, refreshing, flushing * Indexing and flushing latency

  3. Memory usage and garbace collection charts: * JVM heap currently in use, committed * Count of garbage collections * Time spent on garbage collections

  4. Host metrics charts: * Available file descriptors in percent * Opened HTTP connections * Cluster communication transport metrics

  5. Queues and rejections charts: * Number of queued/rejected threads in thread pool

  6. Fielddata cache charts: * Fielddata cache size * Fielddata evictions and circuit breaker tripped count

  7. Cluster health API charts: * Cluster status * Nodes and tasks statistics * Shards statistics

  8. Cluster stats API charts: * Nodes statistics * Query cache statistics * Docs statistics * Store statistics * Indices and shards statistics



  host               : 'ipaddress'    # Elasticsearch server ip address or hostname
  port               : 'port'         # Port on which elasticsearch listens
  cluster_health     :  True/False    # Calls to cluster health elasticsearch API. Enabled by default.
  cluster_stats      :  True/False    # Calls to cluster stats elasticsearch API. Enabled by default.

If no configuration is given, module will fail to run.