Module collects adapter, physical drives and battery stats.


  • megacli program
  • sudo program
  • netdata user needs to be able to be able to sudo the megacli program without password

To grab stats it executes:

  • sudo -n megacli -LDPDInfo -aAll
  • sudo -n megacli -AdpBbuCmd -a0

It produces:

  1. Adapter State

  2. Physical Drives Media Errors

  3. Physical Drives Predictive Failures

  4. Battery Relative State of Charge

  5. Battery Cycle Count


This module uses megacli which can only be executed by root. It uses sudo and assumes that it is configured such that the netdata user can execute megacli as root without password.

Add to sudoers:

netdata ALL=(root)       NOPASSWD: /path/to/megacli


megacli is disabled by default. Should be explicitly enabled in python.d.conf.

megacli: yes

Battery stats disabled by default. To enable them modify megacli.conf.

do_battery: yes