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Module monitors a remote TCP service.

Following charts are drawn per host:

  1. Latency ms * Time required to connect to a TCP port. Displays latency in 0.1 ms resolution. If the connection failed, the value is missing.

  2. Status boolean * Connection successful * Could not create socket: possible DNS problems * Connection refused: port not listening or blocked * Connection timed out: host or port unreachable


  host: 'dns or ip'     # required
  port: 22              # required
  timeout: 1            # optional
  update_every: 1       # optional


  • The error chart is intended for alarms, badges or for access via API.
  • A system/service/firewall might block netdata’s access if a portscan or similar is detected.
  • Currently, the accuracy of the latency is low and should be used as reference only.