SSV formatter

The SSV formatter sums all dimensions in results of database queries to a single value and returns a list of such values showing how it changes through time.

It supports the following formats:

format content type description
ssv text/plain a space separated list of values
ssvcomma text/plain a comma separated list of values
array application/json a JSON array

The SSV formatter respects the following API &options=:

option supported description
nonzero yes to return only the dimensions that have at least a non-zero value
flip yes to return the numbers older to newer (the default is newer to older)
percent yes to replace all values with their percentage over the row total
abs yes to turn all values positive, before using them
min2max yes to return the delta from the minimum value to the maximum value (across dimensions)


Get the average system CPU utilization of the last hour, in 6 values (one every 10 minutes):

# curl -Ss ''
1.741352 1.6800467 1.769411 1.6761112 1.629862 1.6807968

Get the total mysql bandwidth (in + out) for the last hour, in 6 values (one every 10 minutes):

Netdata returns bandwidth in kilobits.

# curl -Ss ''

Get the web server max connections for the last hour, in 12 values (one every 5 minutes) in a JSON array:

# curl -Ss ''