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This plugin monitors the disk space usage of mounted disks, under Linux.

Two charts are available for every mount: - Disk Space Usage - Disk Files (inodes) Usage


Simple patterns can be used to exclude mounts from showed statistics based on path or filesystem. By default read-only mounts are not displayed. To display them yes should be set for a chart instead of auto.

    # remove charts of unmounted disks = yes
    # update every = 1
    # check for new mount points every = 15
    # exclude space metrics on paths = /proc/* /sys/* /var/run/user/* /run/user/* /snap/* /var/lib/docker/*
    # exclude space metrics on filesystems = *gvfs *gluster* *s3fs *ipfs *davfs2 *httpfs *sshfs *gdfs *moosefs fusectl
    # space usage for all disks = auto
    # inodes usage for all disks = auto

Charts can be enabled/disabled for every mount separately:

    # space usage = auto
    # inodes usage = auto

for disks performance monitoring, see the proc plugin, here