Netdata Cloud

Netdata Cloud is core to our ongoing mission to provide real-time, distributed health monitoring and performance troubleshooting. It’s the foundation of an ecosystem of tools that will help you build more extraordinary infrastructures.

Netdata Cloud is also the next iteration of our global Netdata registry. For technical information about how our registries work, what information they store, and how your web browser “talks” to both, visit our registry documentation.

Learn more about the future of Netdata Cloud on our announcement post.

Registering for or signing in to Netdata Cloud

If you’re ready to register for a new Netdata Cloud account, or sign in to your existing Netdata Cloud account, visit our signing in guide for details.

Private registries and Netdata Cloud

If you’re running a private registry and are interested in trying out Netdata Cloud as a replacement for your private registry, read our notice about transitioning from a private registry to our Netdata Cloud registry.

Netdata Cloud features

Netdata Cloud currently enables two features: the My nodes in the top-left corner of the Netdata dashboard, and the Nodes View.

We have an aggressive roadmap of new features, such as Workspaces for different parts of your infrastructure, Rooms to collaborate with colleagues, and the ability to receive alarms from any number of distributed Netdata agents in a single place. Read more about our proposed features here.

Planned enterprise features (paid)

Large enterprises have unique real-time monitoring needs. They have thousands of servers and applications running concurrently, and are willing to pay for the complex features that help them make smarter, faster decisions about their infrastructure. We expect to create a paid tier of Netdata Cloud with a recurring, per-user pricing model that will unlock enterprise-focused features.

A few of these planned features include:

  • Long-term storage of Netdata UI snapshots
  • Active Directory integration for single sign-on
  • Private service status pages
  • Extended retention of alarms timelines
  • Incident response toolkits
  • Additional enterprise plugins and integrations
  • Extended retention of chat messages

Again, we expect that the vast majority of Netdata’s users won’t need these features. Creating these two tiers will help us further fund the company’s efforts to deploy Netdata’s open-source agent on a massive scale and entirely for free.

Running Netdata without Netdata Cloud

Netdata Cloud is entirely optional. The application will never force you to create a Netdata Cloud account or associate nodes with the public registries. But, if you choose not to use Netdata Cloud, you will be missing out on the Nodes View and other upcoming features.

Running Netdata Cloud on-premises or as a hosted instance

We plan on making both on-premises and hosted instances of Netdata Cloud available to enterprises. Until then, we are creating a list of people and businesses interested in either of these options. To add yourself or your organization to this list, email us at