This module will monitor one or more OpenVPN instances via Management Interface.

Requirements: * OpenVPN with enabled management-interface

It produces the following charts:

  1. Total Number Of Active Clients in clients * clients

  2. Total Traffic in kilobits/s * in * out

Per user charts (disabled by default, see per_user_stats in the module config file):

  1. User Traffic in kilobits/s * received * sent

  2. User Connection Time in seconds * time


openvpn collector is disabled by default. Should be explicitly enabled in go.d.conf.


Currently,the OpenVPN daemon can at most support a single management client any one time.

So to not break other tools that uses Management Interface we decided to disable it by default.

For all available options please see module configuration file.

Needs only address of OpenVPN Management Interface.

Here is an example for 2 OpenVPN instances:

  - name: local
    address : /dev/openvpn

  - name: remote
    address :

Without configuration, module attempts to connect to