Install Netdata on pfSense

To install Netdata on pfSense, run the following commands (within a shell or under the Diagnostics/Command prompt within the pfSense web interface).

Note that the first four packages are downloaded from the pfSense repository for maintaining compatibility with pfSense, Netdata, Judy and Python are downloaded from the FreeBSD repository.

pkg install pkgconf
pkg install bash
pkg install e2fsprogs-libuuid
pkg install libuv
pkg add
pkg add
ln -s /usr/local/lib/ /usr/local/lib/
pkg add

Note: If you receive a Not Found error during the last two commands above, you will either need to manually look in the repo folder for the latest available package and use its URL instead, or you can try manually changing the netdata version in the URL to the latest version.

You must edit /usr/local/etc/netdata/netdata.conf and change bind to = to bind to =

To start Netdata manually, run service netdata onestart

Visit the Netdata dashboard to confirm it’s working: http://<pfsenseIP>:19999

To start Netdata automatically every boot, add service netdata onestart as a Shellcmd entry within the pfSense web interface under Services/Shellcmd. You’ll need to install the Shellcmd package beforehand under System/Package Manager/Available Packages. The Shellcmd Type should be set to Shellcmd.
Alternatively more information can be found in, for achieving the same via the command line and scripts.

If you experience an issue with /usr/bin/install being absent in pfSense 2.3 or earlier, update pfSense or use a workaround from

Note: In pfSense, the Netdata configuration files are located under /usr/local/etc/netdata.